Transformer Maintenance And Repairs

Global Transformer Services is committed to providing exceptional Transformer Maintenanceto the electrical industry as well as transformer repairs.

  • Global Transformer Services is committed to providing Transformer Maintenance to the electrical industry, and have been providing such service since 1998.
  • We believe and understand that Transformers are an integral part of the electrical society.
  • The necessity for maintaining dry electrical insulating fluids in transformers is of paramount importance to the life of a transformer.
  • Global Transformer Services provide the following regarding Transformer Maintenance:
  • Oil sampling and Analysis: to establish the condition of transformers and transformer oil.
  • Oil Purification: to improve the condition and life expectancy of the transformer oil by removing water, dirt and gasses.
  • Transformer Repairs: to improve the condition of the transformer by repairing leaks that allows contamination of the oil by atmospheric conditions. 
  • Infra Red Scanning: to identify hot spots in time to assist in planning of preventative maintenance.


Global Transformer Services understand that we become part of the Customer’s statistics the moment we enter their premises.

As part of our commitment to our Customers as well as to our Employees, Global has implemented a Health, Safety and Environment System in compliance with legislation.