Transformer Oil Analysis

Mpumalanga Transformer Services specializes in transformer oil analysis and to maintain and establish the condition of transformer oil.

Transformer Oil Analysis

The very first step in Transformer maintenance is to establish the condition of the transformer oil. Without knowledge of the oil condition it is as if you are working “blind”, as the oil condition is of utmost importance in the safe operation of the transformer.

Mpumalanga Transformer Services offer the following services:

  • Transformer Oil Analysis: to determine the Water content and Dielectric strength, as these directly affects the insulating capability of the oil.
  • Acidity of oil: indicating the degree of  Transformer oil deterioration and possibility of corrosion inducing inside the transformer.
  • Gas Analysis: an accurate indication of electrical and insulation faults inside the transformer.
  • PCB testing: presence of PCB in the transformer oil, indicating the toxicity and need for classification of hazardous substance.
  • Furan Test: to assess the paper insulation condition.
  • Corrosive Sulfur: to determine the presence of sulfur that can cause corrosion damage that leads to failure of apparatus.
  • Inter-facial Tension: determining the life expectancy of the oil.
  • Tan Delta: detection of none-mineral insulation additives that interferes with the quality of the oil.

Infrared Scanning

Mpumalanga Transformer Services uses infrared scanning to help find problems with electrical connections and components:

  • Unsecure connections
  • Overload or unbalanced loads
  • Inductive heating
  • Harmonics
  • Faulty equipment